Chapter 37

37.2. The Binding Site Optilite

The Binding Site Optilite is an automated, bench-top turbidimeter allowing host interface capability with continuous sample loading, barcoded parameter entry, sample identification and reagent management systems (Figure 37.1.). A full catalogue of assays is available for the Optilite, designed to meet the needs of the clinical laboratory.

On average, the Optilite requires 9.3 minutes to perform daily start-up and 20 minutes for daily quality control protocols (QC), giving a time to instrument availability of approximately 30 minutes. An independent assessment of Optilite performance in a clinical diagnostic laboratory setting by Stone et al.[1143] reported a time to first result of 41.8 minutes. The authors commented that “The Optilite special protein analyser provides rapid start-up times, reduced QC times and improved result reporting which has a substantial impact on laboratory workflow, technician time and reporting speed”.

Thouless et al.[1144] tested the analytical performance of the Optilite system under simulated routine conditions, with multiple analysers, assays and operators. In total, 12 assays were run across four different analysers by four operators over a two week period. This equated to a throughput of 280-350 tests/day from 80-110 samples/day. Under this variety of different permutations, the results demonstrated excellent agreement and the authors concluded that under the demanding conditions set in the place “…the Optilite systems proved to be robust and reliable.”



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