Chapter 37

The Binding Site Optilite is an automated, bench-top, random access turbidimeter allowing host interface capability with barcoded parameter entry, sample identification and reagent management systems (Figure 37.2). Precision is good due to the use of disposable cuvettes (Figure 37.2). Single vial calibrators are used that are diluted automatically by the instrument to generate the calibration curves. Starting sample dilutions are 1/10 for κ sFLC assays and 1/8 for λ sFLC assays. Samples reporting outside of the standard assay measuring range are automatically re-diluted, with one lower and three higher sample dilutions programmed within the assay parameters. Very high level samples may still require further off-line dilutions. The assays include prozone parameters, with a higher automatic re-dilution being performed for samples that prompt the “prozone detected” data flag.

κ sFLC λ sFLC
Range 1/10 (κ); 1/8 (λ) 2.9 - 127.0 mg/L 5.2 - 139.0 mg/L
Sensitivity (undiluted) 0.6 mg/L 1.3 mg/L
Assay time 15 min 15 min
Precision: within-run 2.6% at 4.9 mg/L 2.1% at 4.7 mg/L
1.5% at 23.2 mg/L 1.8% at 19.8 mg/L
3.3% at 71.8 mg/L 1.8% at 71.1 mg/L
Precision: between-run 2.9% at 4.9 mg/L 3.2% at 4.7 mg/L
1.8% at 23.2 mg/L 2.1% at 19.8 mg/L
1.8% at 71.8 mg/L 2.4% at 71.1 mg/L

Table 37.2. Freelite assay performance on the Binding Site Optilite.