37.3. The Binding Site SPAPLUS

The Binding Site SPAPLUS is a compact, automated, bench-top, batch-mode turbidimeter with host interface capability, barcoded sample identification and reagent management systems (Figure 37.2.). A full catalogue of assays is available for the SPAPLUS, designed to meet the need of the routine clinical diagnostic laboratory.

The instrument has a good overall performance compared with other analysers, and provides good throughput for patient samples in spite of its relatively small size. Marionneaux et al.[1147] reported that the time-to-first-result on the SPAPLUS was 15 minutes, comparable to that achieved on the Beckman Coulter IMMAGE®. The SPAPLUS was shown to be capable of approximately 105 tests/hour.



    • 1. Marionneaux S, Zetlmeisl M, van Hoeven KH, Fagan D, Elkins B, Shulman S. Analytical evaluation of kappa and lambda serum free light chains on The Binding Site SPAPLUS. Clin Chem 2008;54:C79a